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The night is aging,
History is changing
People came from afar to witness,
The writing of history in greatness
Strangers marvels,
As the sluggish moon travels
Thousands of stars awakenly falls asleep,
Living creatures flies, crawls and creeps
Choruses from the flute even the crickets,
Local fireworks in place of rockets
Their chanting shakes the trees,
As their echoes travels through the breeze
Round their waist,the men tied their rappers
The women dances with beads and Ankara’s
The panting feet on the innocent earth
The panting ignites a warriors heart
Rhymes in their melody Gladding them
As their ancient beats dangles them
Owls peeping through their windows
As they praise their unforgotten heroes
The united breeze consumes their untired sweat
The villagers sings, animals respond, what a beautiful duet
Their voices grew higher
As the toads and frogs joins the mass choir
The village was illuminated by fireflies
And in a static motion, the birds flies
Every one and thing played and delivered their role
A perfect division of labour, as the rabbits left their holes
The king smiled with hand clinched to His wife
An unforgettable day and moment in a warriors life
Competition between the best of warriors
A fight for who to become their superior
Beautifully built bodily men
With structured abs on their abdomen
Girls already choosing their husband(s)
“This one has muscle’ ‘no this one can fight’
Trying so hard to touch their hands
They ran out of options as their Joy flights
” listen”!!!! Their noises has increased
One hit the ground, another have decreased
The drunks took turns to steal palm wine
The insane also have their table to dine
Everyone was a benefactor
Even their chief priest and native doctors
Two was remaining,
No limits, still it was entertaining
Atlas someone’s back just hit the ground
Immediately, the winner was on the shoulders of the crowd
The son of their famous palm wine tapper just won
The drunks were filled with happiness as they hum
In prostration, He was crowned
In jubilation, they were drowned
It felt like December
Indeed it was a day to remember
In remembrance, they forgot to sleep
Tho tears of Joy washed away their sleep
They Merry till the day was new
With lot of dancing as the celebration continues……



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