The Transol Community: What is it About? and How You Can Join The Community

After noticing an underserved market niche for client services around community building, we have taken into consideration a need to build a community of friends and clients for proper communication and relationship management.

At its core, community is a group of people and the connections formed between them. These groups, connections, and shared interests can exist on a channel referred to as a website, a landing page and a community building platform using a Newsletter strategy. Community is channel-agnostic, whereas something like social media is, landing page or websites are channel-specific.

It often comes back to the question, “Where do we interact with people?” Sometimes that is on social. So, while social is a completely valid channel on which to build connections and interact with community members, community itself extends far beyond social media, making other forms of interaction as a necessity.

TRANSOL pre-launch is live!

Get automobile repairs with just a few clicks. Increase your vehicle lifespan and drive the smoothest way you can.

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The Transol App

Transol App is a mobile application to order vehicle repair specialists within a drive by radius of 20-30minutes. TRANSOL APP is a product of Transolution Worldwide LLC amongst others and the first product to be published with a careful definition and taking into consideration few key words:

Transol The Making Image

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