3 ways to ensure your relationship does not get boring

Things you can do to create a conducive environment for love to keep growing.

No one really wants attention that does not last, or interest that is not sustained, especially from someone they fancy.

Whether before or after a relationship begins, it expected that you would not want your crush/partner’s interest in you to reduce or worse, disappear after a while.

While you may not have complete control over what he or she will ultimately do, there are some things you can do on your part to create a conducive environment for love to grow and for affection and attraction to remain, and even grow over time.

Below we list some of those things:

1. Be consistent

What were you doing that attracted them to you? Don’t stop doing those things! That’s pretty much the long and short of consistence in romantic relationships.

If someone falls in love with you for something, it would be mad unfair to get them into a relationship and quit doing those things. It would not be a surprise if such partner loses interest in being with you after a while.

Relationship picture
Stay consistent in loving each other. [Credit: MNT]

2. Don’t be monotonous

Consistency is good, monotony is not. So if you were really sweet to your partner before the relationship began or even at the very beginning of it, you have to keep being sweet – that is consistency.

If you keep expressing the sweetness in the same way or format at all times, however, that is monotony and that is not so good.

Look for newer, more creative ways to do the things your partner loves you doing. That’s pretty much what we’re talking about here.

relationship picture
You can allow each other take the weekend off to have a period of undisrupted self love [Credit: Twitter/Essence]

3. Allow each other time out

That you are in love with someone does not mean they have to be with you at all times, or that you have to be chatting with each other every single minute of the day, or that they can’t keep friendships or grow in other aspects of their lives.

Allow each other live fully and experience bliss in other facets of life apart from the relationship. It enriches your lives, gives you a fuller experience and makes you better lovers with healthier relationships.

Ask for their preferences
This goes without saying. If it is going to be a sexual relationship, you want to know what they expect from you. What are the special sexual needs particular to them, what are the things that make sex rock for them? These are things you really want to ask and know.

And of course, implement.


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