Bathing together: Why you need to catch up on this underrated form of intimacy

Bathroom sex is a thing but that’s not the only intimate thing you can do when you step into the shower room with your boo.

One of the best things I may have found on the Internet in the two days of this week is a certain clip showing a couple taking turns to scrub each other’s bodies.

With water pouring on them in gentle torrents, suds slathered over their upper bodies and a happy smile of contentment plastered on their faces, the clip definitely looked loving and cute, the type of stuff that even the most cynical of love cynics might have softened a little watching.


I thought the video was pretty sweet, and showed a colleague who I knew signed up for such content and would love it, too and apart from the expected “ooh, ahh, awwww” and lovey-dovey look in her eye as she played the clip of the bathing pair more than twice, one more thing that struck me was her assertion on how underrated she thinks the act of lovers washing each other is.

And thinking about it between then and now, [that conversation held about 18 hours to the time of this piece] I actually agree with her on the subject.

This is not to say people do not know about it, or get down to it – definitely two people sharing a bathroom is not novel in any way. But many times, and for many people, the idea of sharing a bathroom with someone of the opposite sex only elicits images of sex and all he diverse erotic things they can fit into their time in the shower room.

Bathroom sex is a thing, and it can be deeply intimate and lit, too. But that’s not the only intimate thing you can do when you step into the shower room with your boo.

Taking turns to scrub up each other, helping each other clean off the dirt and grime of the day; and being cuddled up in the tub filled with warm [or cool] water, or locking up in an embrace as water sprinkles on you in relentless lines… just picture that and the all the intimate coziness of it. Refreshing, yeah?

A super-sensual bath every now and then with your man or woman will definitely strengthen your bond in soothing ways, and the fact that you can end it all with some slow, languid session of lovemaking just makes it extra-appealing.

You and your boo probably need this more than you have been doing. It’s time to pick it up.


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