Here are 7 relatable reasons why people remain in bad marriages

Explaining the logical, relatable reasons why bad marriages continue to ‘thrive’.

Every marriage has its own problems – from the little infrequent issues, to the huge recurring ones that give partners serious headaches.

For people in joyless and seemingly-irredeemable marriages, the obvious option would be to seek a way out and look for happiness elsewhere, but as experience has taught, many people in such situations often choose to stay right in the marriage.

Here are six common reasons why they do this:

1. The hope of change

Many people remain with husbands and wives who do not treat them right in the hope that they’d change at some point and this is actually a great reason. But the question is; do bad habits die easy?

Relationship picture
Some stay in marriages for the kids. Many times, this is the case. [Credit: kate sept2004 /Getty]

2. Fear for their kids

‘I don’t want my kids to grow up with separated parents’

3. What will people say?

The fear of what people will say should never be strong enough to sway your decisions or choices. If you choose to stay and fight for your marriage and happiness, let it not be because you fear what people would say.

4. The fear of the unknown

‘Where will I go from here? What will I do? Where do I start from? Who would take me?’

worried partner
Many times,people fear what will become of them outside of the marriage.[Credit: Binhu]

5. Family concerns

‘No one in my family has ever been separated or divorced. I do not want to be the first.’

6. Indifference

Some other times, people remain in bad marriages not because they hope for change, they do not even seek it.

They just stay in the marriage, numbed by years and years of disappointment and indifferent to what else happens, or doesn’t.

7. Financial dependence

For some others, staying in a bad, toxic marriage is down to the unavailability of funds to support their desired lifestyle if they choose to leave.

The desire to leave may be there, but considering the lack of funds, or a means to regularly make money, they stay on in the unhappy relationship.

If there was ever a time to further expatiate on the reason why everyone needs to be financially independent whether in a marriage or not, now is the time.

Being an independent person should not be negotiable, especially in a financial sense. You’ve gotta have your own money. No two ways about it.


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