How do I deal when the man I love acts like he does not love me back?

Dear Bukky,

I’m a 24-year-old-lady, with a confused mind. I met a guy through Instagram, And we’ve been together for like a month now but we’ve seen each other just once.
This guy has been going on and off, like this minute he’s acting really caring and the next minute he’s acting weird,

He told me about a girl he was dating, and how his relationship with her isn’t going too well, as he needed a new relationship according to him. I’ve tried my best as a girlfriend to this guy. I really love him. So I was going through his profile and noticed he commented something loving to the girl he told me about,

I told him and he explained that he didn’t mean what he typed, and that he really cares about me than the girl. I forgave him and decided to move on with him, I called him yesterday. He didn’t pick and I called him with a friend’s phone and he picked. I felt embarrassed.

So I told him I’m done with him, he didn’t even call or text me back. I really love this guy I don’t know what to do again about him. I tried forgetting him, it’s just so difficult for me. Please I need help, what can I do?


Dear reader,

I think you have an easy decision to make here and for very obvious reasons.

I hate to point it out to you, but the fact that you met him online, you’ve only seen him once, and have been ‘dating’ for just one month means that he is not so serious about you. If it’s been such a short time and he’s already doing all of this, you should really not be sweating it at all.

My advice is to block him, block all communication channels, stop picking his calls, refrain yourself from reaching out and allow yourself detox your system of him.

He doesn’t seem interested in being with you, or bothered about losing you. That should tell you all you need to know.

That’s not your man. The earlier you realized this and started acting like it, the better.

Let that man go.


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