Why regular reassurance is important in relationships

Partners need to occasionally affirm to each other that if they could go back to do it again, they’d pick each other.

Everyone needs reassurance. We need that validation, and we want to know we matter.
This is crucial to keeping any relationship afloat.

Think about it in this way: when you are having a conversation with a friend and you’ve been on about it for a while you tend to ask; “are you with me?” or something in that line, to which your friend will reply in the affirmative if he/she hasn’t snoozed off somewhere in the middle of your rambling.

That call to see if your friend is still listening to you is a call for assurance, a yearning to know you are not just yapping away without being listened to; and it’s pretty much like what you get in relationships and marriages.

After a while in a relationship, you may become too comfortable or too carried away to the extent of forgetting that your partner is human with doubts and fears, as well as a need to be told that their efforts aren’t in vain; and to be reminded that they are not alone in the relationship.

Your partner needs to hear that she’s beautiful; he needs to hear that he’s doing good and that he’s a great parent. She needs to hear that she’s a good mum, and that you would rather do it all with her than someone else. Partners need to occasionally affirm to each other that if they could go back to do it again, they’d pick each other.

It really is important for this kind of reassurance to be a part of the relationship/marriage because it’s both comforting and boosting to hear your partner reaffirm that you are just as important, beautiful and gorgeous as you were the first time he set eyes on you, and that he believes in you more than ever before as the woman of his dreams.

It is also just as important for men to hear that they are still as kind, considerate, fantastic and gentle as they were when you fell in love with them. This kind of reassurance builds partners up, concretises the faith they have in each other and dispels any doubts they may have about the position they occupy in each other’s lives.



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